Product Overview

Brunel Marine Coating Systems have developed a range of marine coatings specifically designed to meet the environmental, commercial and practical demands of the 21st century. These coatings are applied with conventional equipment and give a working life far in excess of traditional paint systems. They are completely inert, can be applied in high humidity conditions and are harmless to the environment.

Marine Coatings

To counter marine growth traditional coating systems adopt two defences:Traditional paint systems can only be applied in optimum atmospheric conditions and require a much longer application time. They rely on solvents which evaporate on application, meaning only a simple mechanical bond is provided for further coats. The process of evaporation also leaves fine pores in the paint surface providing footholds for minute marine micro-organisms. These provide food for barnacles and other marine life reducing the ship’s speed and fuel efficiency.

1 They incorporate biocides into each layer of coating to discourage growth.

2 They are applied in a manner which allows each layer to detach over a period of time, removing any marine life that has attached itself to that layer.

But these defences mean that every detached layer introduces even more biocide into the marine environment, the effects of which have been well documented. Moreover, as each layer detaches, the next layer, being equally porous, attracts further marine growth until that layer also detaches. The process is self perpetuating until every layer has been removed and the vessel has to dry dock for re-coating to re-establish the defensive paint system. In the interim, the vessel must drag a combination of growth and hundreds of microns of hull-roughness against the elements.

Brunel’s coatings bond chemically and become a single impervious protective layer. Curing times are substantially faster and no further conditioning is required after application. No biocides or solvents are used and the finished surface is completely free from the pores that support marine growth. The bond to the substrate exceeds most measuring equipment, and is never stressed during its non-shrink cure.

Brunel’s coatings have a co-efficient of friction less than that of glass and do not rely upon each layer detaching. They will not pollute the marine environment and very low speeds are sufficient to clear the surface of any clinging growth.

Brunel’s coatings achieve compliance with all present, proposed, or likely future legislation and are designed to last. Unlike other suppliers, Brunel’s strategy is not built on the need to re-coat.

The science behind the original Brunel concept has now been carried through to provide a wide variety of superior maritime products which can be used throughout the vessel and on dockside. It is constantly being developed to incorporate any advances which may enable us to further improve on the execution of our philosophy.

marine coatings

Coated in 2000, trading since in ice and tropics. The coating is still intact.

Conventional, rapid application in two coats marine coatings

Conventional, rapid application in two coats, regardless of humidity.