Saving the Environment

“We have not inherited this world from our forefathers – We have been entrusted with it for our children.”
Native American proverb.

“Whoever we are, wherever we are, we all have our environmental footprint… I have seen that this product [Brunel Enviromarine] certainly helps the shipping industry to reduce its environmental footprint.”
(David Shreeve, president, The Conservation Foundation)

As surely as fuel costs will trend ever higher and resources will diminish, every aspect of our world’s environment will be subjected to increasing threat and irreparable damage.

It has been said: “Hell holds no fury like a vested interest masquerading as a moral principle.” so it should be pointed out that Brunel is not here to hug the trees in whose shade they talk of love and peace, peering passively at the world through a green haze.

No, Brunel have developed coating systems to protect the vessel, enhance its performance lifespan and return the owner’s investment.

However, commercial and environmental interests are becoming more and more intertwined.

Whilst it has always been true that energy can be neither created nor destroyed, few realize that same applies to our water.

It is an undeniable fact that the world has had the same water for 4 billion years: “Not a single drop has been created or destroyed since the world began.” David Shreeve – Conservation Foundation

Whilst some of the Environmental benefits have been targeted by Brunel, others have come almost by coincidence.

For example, the goal was honestly to optimize hull performance. Having achieved this, together with the savings in fuel and increase in speed, there occurred an inevitable reduction in power required and, hence, a reduction in emissions.

To create the durability required meant that the coating must be hard and smooth. It will therefore not shed into the sea.

And so on…

In addition to the operational advantages previously detailed, customers of Brunel have benefitted commercially from the ethical investment and eligibility to carbon credits owing to the environmental friendliness of the coating, its application and performance.

“It is a product of the future… It makes both economic and environmental sense.” Canadian Pacific

The environmental benefits of Brunel’s philosophy and products are undeniable and far-reaching.

“Brunel’s Enviromarine is absolutely foolproof in terms of not polluting any marine environment.” Suvindhu Mohanty. AESM.

Enviromarine is hard, smooth, resilient and enduring.

If the key to the Environmental benefits needed to be defined in one word, that word would be:

voc environment


A chemical integrity of a 100% Solids coating system with:
• No Solvents
• No Biocides
• No Metals
• No Evaporation
• Means
• Zero V.O.C. (VOC Difference between traditional coating and Brunel Enviromarine)

In production, this means:
• No wastage
• Low energy consumption

Leaving the factory, this means:
• Less packaging
• Smaller transportation quantities

At application, this means:
• Simple two-coat application
• Exothermic cure
• No health risks
• No contamination
• No profiling, grinding or ‘conditioning’
• Naturally nano-smooth surface
• No flammability

In operation, this means:
• Unrivalled smoothness and hydrodynamic excellence
• Lower fossil-fuel consumption
• Reduced atmospheric emissions
• Non-finite service life with no removal or recoating
• Longer docking intervals
• No biocides to contaminate the sea
• No food-chain infiltration
• No silicone carcinogens
• Zero toxicity

DNV envonment

Brunel is also very proud and grateful to have been the only coating ever to have been approved, and issued with this DNV environmental certificate attesting to the qualities of the product and its unrivalled environmental credentials