marine coating systems

When the ship came into dock I assessed the underwater areas. There was absolutely no wastage of film thickness and it was exactly the same as the day it was applied … it is definitely a good concept.
Suvendu K Mahanty, Senior Superintendent – Anglo Eastern
Brunel’s EnviroMarine can be applied in high humidity or even light rain, which helps the ship leave on time … the climate need not affect the application of the coatings.

After 5 years Brunel’s EnviroMarine was perfect – the top coat of 100 microns was still fully intact and smooth … it is a product of the future being used now!

Paul Siddons, Chief Technical Director – CP Ships
Whoever we are, wherever we are in the world, we all have our environmental footprint … Brunel’s EnviroMarine certainly helps the marine industry reduce its own environmental footprint.
David Shreeves MA, Executive Director – The Conservation Foundation