Decks and Ramps

Brunel EnviroGrip is ideal for decks and ramps and can be applied to a wide range of situations from Light Passenger, to Heavy Lift tolerance. It can be applied smooth, or anti-skid, with formulations and colours available to suit a wide variety of circumstances.

Brunel EnviroGrip has been successfully applied to heavy duty ferry ramps and decking, cruise vessel decks, sprung running tracks, sports courts, swimming pools and surrounds.

The ramp and deck pictured opposite was coated with Brunel’s Envirogrip system nearly ten years ago. In a period of ten years, this vessel would have completed over 7,000 loadings and discharges of cars, trucks and other cargo, and endured the heavy wear and point loadings of shifting steel docking frames or “trailer-horses”. Despite this Brunel has recently received confirmation that the coating system has sustained no damage, and needed no repair at all.

The video below, whilst not exactly scientific, demonstrates what you can expect from Brunel. Here the customer has conducted his own test:

decks and ramps

decks and ramps