Ballast Tanks

The problems associated with the protection of ballast tanks are well documented and can be seen in these pictures. The location is perfect for the proliferation of corrosion which, if unchecked, can compromise the structural integrity of the hull.

Ballasting liquid, when discharged, is invariably impregnated with diverse types of corrosion, delaminated paint and contaminated alien organisms, all of which are harmful to the marine environment.

Periodic re-coating of tanks is time consuming, costly and dangerous. Surface preparation has to occur in an enclosed area, is difficult to achieve and can affect the strength of the hull as the efficient removal of corrosion will necessitate partial removal of underlying steel. After surface preparation, all generated waste has to be carefully removed and the tanks purified before starting the process of re-protecting the surface areas. Conventional re-coating is a hazardous process due to the common presence of combustible solvents; and the known hazards to health these can bring with them. Strict safety procedures and a high level of ventilation are minimum requirements.

It has to be far better to find a permanent solution – a solution which avoids these time consuming, arduous, costly and often dangerous procedures and which is also environmentally friendly.

That PROVEN solution can be found in the unique properties of Brunel EnviroPrime – this product is not only surface tolerant, but actually encompasses elements of corrosion to achieve its cure. EnviroMarine is then applied, allowing a full chemical cross-link which bonds into a single homogenous coat. The surface has no pores and can be applied without risk from solvent inhalation and is non-flammable.

In keeping with the qualities of Brunel EnviroMarine, the extremely low friction surface supports no micro-organisms and the transportation of bacterial contaminants is therefore avoided. No corrosion or coating is shed and the tank is fully protected by a non porous lining of great strength.

EnviroMarine is:

• Surface-tolerant
• Easy to apply
• Non hazardous to health
• Toxin and Biocide free
• Non Conductive
• Extremely durable
• Non-porous

ballast tank


ballast tank

ballast tanks