Another practical aspect of designing a coating is to ensure that it is not a too complicated application process.

The clever, complicated work should be done in laboratories and testing booths, long before the product is in the hands of the teams in the yard.

So, it was developed such that there should be:
• No measuring or weighing
• No variation in ratios
• No splitting of units
• No adding of solvents or accelerators
• No transfer to external containers

The packaging is presented such that one full unit of Part B is added into the complete unit of Part A and mixed.

Part A is typically 10 litres in a 20 litre UN container.

Part B is typically 5 litres in a 5 litre UN container.

So it is simply a question of adding one to the other and mixing within the Part A container.

The equipment required is standard airless spray with standard (new) lines and standard tips.

• No twin feeds
• No heating coils
• No specialist labour
• No specialised equipment

Once the surface preparation has been approved, the application specification is simply 2 x 150 microns, as follows:

1 x Full Coat
Enviromarine Basecoat
Min: Tacky – Max: 48 Hours
1 x Full Coat
Enviromarine Topcoat
Flood / Refloat
Approx 5 Hours. No maximum


In the interest of fairness and integrity, Brunel will support the application throughout, and will give a guaranteed, fixed price per square metre, Taking responsibility for consumption. No hidden extras or ‘theoretical’ quotations. We believe an invoice should be the same as the quote. We will work as a team to ensure this is achieved.


gibdock-certificate application


remontowa-certificate application