You are here to discover the best kept secret in the marine coating industry

Brunel Marine Coating Systems is responsible for developing revolutionary coating systems for the marine industry. The most environmentally friendly and durable high performance product available in the world today.

Our coatings are in use around the world, on ships and marine structures, often in the most challenging of environments.

Brunel Marine Coatings

• Non metallic, contains NO biocides or solvents
– will never pollute the environment

• Completely safe to handle
– needs no extra safety procedures

• Is not reliant on sensitive atmospheric conditions
– your ship will spend less time in dry dock

• A surface coefficient of friction smoother than glass
– completely non porous & does not support marine growth

• Exothermic cure – requires no additional conditioning
– you can return to sea within 5 hrs of application

• 100% solids, extremely hard and does not wear off
– you should never need to recoat again

• Proven to reduce operating costs
– and a reduced carbon footprint

• Requires no special application methods
– can be applied anywhere

• A smooth high gloss finish designed to ensure optimum micro-texture and greatly improve hull dynamics
– proven to reduce operating costs

• available in a range of colours

• exceeds ALL  IMO regulations

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marine coating

When the ship came into dock I assessed the underwater areas. There was absolutely no wastage of film thickness and it was exactly the same as the day it was applied … it is definitely a good concept.
Suvendu K Mahanty, Senior Superintendent – Anglo Eastern
Brunel’s EnviroMarine can be applied in high humidity or even light rain, which helps the ship leave on time … the climate need not affect the application of the coatings.

After 5 years Brunel’s EnviroMarine was perfect – the top coat of 100 microns was still fully intact and smooth … it is a product of the future being used now!

Paul Siddons, Chief Technical Director – CP Ships
Whoever we are, wherever we are in the world, we all have our environmental footprint … Brunel’s EnviroMarine certainly helps the marine industry reduce its own environmental footprint.
David Shreeves MA, Executive Director – The Conservation Foundation
Brunel Marine Coating

See you in 10 years! with our unique, Class and Flag approved 10-Year dry-docking programme!